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Though I've retired from acting to be a full-time businessman, I cherish all the wonderful roles and moments of my past career. Here are some of my more memorable roles:

True Deception - adult actor/murder suspect Mr. Buck Naked
Rocky XIV - Bob the next door neighbor
The Fast and The Dead -biker/gang member Lee Ving
Miami Vice - Rico Tubbs' cousin Paco
Solid Gold backup dancer

Plato's The Republic (modern revision) - Joe the Philosopher Pimp

Jordache jeans
Next Computers
Honest Abe's Auto Dealership

Conway's Department Store
Motel 1
Trojan Condoms

Special Skills:
Voice, Cycling, Boxing, Ballet, "Extreme Chess" player (Jack Daniel Tour 1994),
Downhill Skiing (U. of Hawaii College Ski Team), and Swimming.


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